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Why choose us

Professional: Sangu has over 10 years of experience in the industry and has a very professional team to provide services such as product production, research and development, and sales support. We will understand the needs of the market, the latest product trends and the different customer requirements so that our products can meet the market trends.


Sangu’s products have passed strict safety certification, from the raw materials to the production process to the final product are in line with various testing standards, and has a number of certification certificates, we make sure that each user can use our products can be assured.

  • Product quality

    The quality of our products has passed the tests of various certification systems, and our selection of materials for our products is carried out to the highest standards, and we have very advanced production equipment in the product production dimension.

  • High standards

    We have very strict standards for our materials, production processes and production teams. We have very advanced production equipment and provide monthly training to our production team to ensure that every batch of product that comes out of Sangu Plastic Industry is of industry-leading quality.

  • Direct sales

    Sangu has its own production site, so it is not another company which responsible for the production and sales of our products, so that we can offer our customers the best products and the best service to meet their different needs.

  • Full range of products
    Sangu has a very wide range of products to choose from for our customers. Also, because of our very strong product development and production capabilities, we can offer our customers a product customisation service to meet their specific needs.
  • Supply Chain Integration Capability
    Sangu has a very strong and well established supply chain management system that allows us to provide total solutions to our customers. Whether it is a single category or a complete product solution, we can provide it to our customers at the lowest cost.
  • Perfect service system
    Sangu's service team is very strong, from the initial product solution to the cooperation process and after-sales problem solving, we can solve our problems at the first time.

Personalised order quantity

Sangu has its own warehouse and flexible order production mechanism, so we can provide personalised production order quantity for some products, so that more customers can experience the quality of our products and professional service.


Complete solutions:

In addition to packaging products, Sangu can also provide paper packaging solutions, including paper packaging for cosmetics, personalised labels, etc. We can provide production and design services for our customers.


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