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Product design and R&D
The core competitiveness of packaging products must be the innovation of technology, Sangu pays special attention to technological upgrading and innovation. It is one of our goals to be able to constantly develop new products so that our products can be ahead of our peers in terms of cost, design, quality and functionality. Therefore, we invest a lot of human, physical, financial and energy in the research and development of new products and the upgrading of old products every year.

Spirit of contract

It is one of Sangu's goals to have a long-lasting relationship with our customers, so we make it our bottom line to work with integrity. We also have a good credit guarantee system in place and we do our best to deliver on everything we promise to our customers, and we want every customer we work with to be at ease.

Sustainable development

 It is the responsibility of every company to take care of the environment, so Sangu tries its best to be environmentally friendly in many aspects. Whether it is the choice of materials for our products or the environmental direction of our research and development, we try to do our best. We also hope that our customers and users will share our concern for environmental protection and advocate environmentalism.

High cost performance

It is our pursuit to provide our customers with products and services that are pleased with the price ratio, and we have our own production base. So all our customers buy products directly from us, which reduces their purchasing costs. Also because we have very rich experience in the industry and over 50 product categories, we can offer our customers a full range of product solutions to reduce the communication costs of cooperation and also to meet the various individual product needs of our customers.


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