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A list of these vacuum bottle articles makes it easy for you to quickly access relevant information. We have prepared the following professional vacuum bottle, hoping to help solve your questions and better understand the product information you care about.
  • Cosmetic packaging materials knowledge of the vacuum bottle introduction

    Vacuum bottle is a container that can isolate the gas from the outside temperature or isolate the external bacteria. Its contents can be completely isolated from the air to avoid oxidation and deterioration of the product due to exposure to air and the growth of bacteria, and to enhance the product grade with its high-tech concept. The common vacuum bottle on the market consists of a cylindrical oval container with a piston placed at the bottom. Read More

  • How to use the vacuum dispensing bottle twice

    There is a piston in the vacuum dispensing bottle, when there is an object in the bottle, press the pump head and squeeze out the contents, the piston will go up. When the contents of the bottle are used up, the piston will run all the way to the top of the pump head, at this time you can remove the pump head and reinstall it, or use a hard object to top the piston to the bottom, you can use it again. Read More

  • The filling process of cosmetic vacuum bottles

    Vacuum bottle pressure pump without straw, so that the inner material and air can be completely isolated, to avoid product oxidation and deterioration due to contact with air, breeding bacteria, and to enhance the product grade with its high-tech concept. The prevailing vacuum bottle in the market is composed of a cylindrical into an ellipsoidal container plus a piston placed at the bottom. Read More

  • Why skin care products most choose glass bottles

    Packing up my luggage every time I travel is a mighty big project. Those clothes and shoes are all okay, just stuff them into the suitcase. It's okay to concentrate cosmetics in one bag! The most troublesome thing is the skin care products. God knows how many skin care products are. As a result, I always pour it in aliquoted bottles every time, but sometimes when I travel on business, the contents of the aliquoted bottles can't be used up, which is a waste every time. Read More

  • Some knowledge about cosmetic packaging bottles

    In the cosmetics industry, perfume is the best value in cosmetics. Because of the unique design of the bottle, there are not a few people who buy caskets and return beads. And the unique design can really deepen consumers' impression of the product, and consumers, especially female consumers, have a certain emotional appeal to the product to some extent. Read More

  • What are the processes of cosmetic packaging materials(1)

    Cosmetics, as one of the pillar industries of fast-moving consumer goods, consumers have become more aware and aware of it. Consumers no longer blindly follow the trend, and have higher requirements for cosmetics’ visual effects and touch. The craftsmanship of the material also has more stringent requirements. Read More


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