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  • The quality requirements for cream bottles

    Cream bottle is one of the main containers for cosmetics. It has a large caliber, thicker wall, and the material is composed of acrylic and glass. In this article, we mainly analyze the basic quality requirements of cream packaging materials: Read More

  • The difference between plastic bottles and glass bottles for cosmetics

    1. Different properties: Plastic is a high-molecular synthetic material with many types. Cosmetic glass bottles can be made into emerald green, dark green, light cyan and amber glass by using metal ion colorants.2. Different features: glass bottles are traditional packaging products, which are brigh Read More

  • The characteristics of cosmetic OEM packaging materials

    Glass bottles are mainly used for cosmetics: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polishes have a small capacity, and a capacity of more than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics. Glass bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. The solid paste is usually a wide-mouth bottle. Read More

  • Do you know the design trend of cosmetic packaging in the future?(2)

    In addition to the value of cosmetics, people pay more and more attention to the high-grade cosmetic packaging design. A good design work can reflect the humanistic spirit and cultural outlook of a country and a nation, as well as its economic level, scientific and technological level, and the quality of Chinese people. Read More


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