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  • Can perfume be packed in plastic bottles?

    It is said that smelling the fragrance to know a woman, perfume is a woman's first dress.Today, the editor will introduce to you, can perfume be put in a plastic bottle? Read More

  • How to reuse airless bottles?

    Compared with ordinary plastic bottles, airless bottles have many advantages, such as reusability, extending the life of skincare products, no waste, environmental friendliness., etc. Read More

  • Do You Really Know "Vacuum Bottles"?

    Many people are using vacuum packaging. Maybe because of curiosity or because there are fewer products pressed, they want to unscrew the pump to see. You will see that there is no straw (long tube) on the pump, thinking that the straw is broken or the manufacturer forgot to install the straw. In fac Read More

  • Airless pump bottle advantages and design concept(1)

    Airless bottles have been on the rise in cosmetic packaging solutions. Suppliers, consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of airless packaging, and there is a shift among credit brand marketers. This shift can be recognized by the shorter product life offered by airless bottles. This is due to the new non-pressurized airless chamber technology, which does not include a dip tube. In addition, due to the demand for preservative-free or limited preservative products, airless bottles are ideal for natural and organic serums and creams. Read More

  • Cosmetic packaging materials knowledge of the vacuum bottle introduction

    Vacuum bottle is a container that can isolate the gas from the outside temperature or isolate the external bacteria. Its contents can be completely isolated from the air to avoid oxidation and deterioration of the product due to exposure to air and the growth of bacteria, and to enhance the product grade with its high-tech concept. The common vacuum bottle on the market consists of a cylindrical oval container with a piston placed at the bottom. Read More

  • The principle of vacuum lotion bottle is explained

    The design principle of the lotion bottle is to use the contraction force of the spring and not to let the air into the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, while using atmospheric pressure to push the piston at the bottom of the bottle forward. Read More

  • What are the possible hazards of vacuum dispensing bottles

    Short trips have become a way for girls to relax when they go on holidays, and they need to look beautiful and have skin care products. But big bottles and small bottles, big tubes and small tubes are all too much trouble to carry, so many people are ready to buy a variety of cute and convenient dispensing bottles. A small bottle can meet the amount of skin care products we need for about three days, and it saves space and allows us to pack lightly. Read More

  • How to use the vacuum dispensing bottle twice

    There is a piston in the vacuum dispensing bottle, when there is an object in the bottle, press the pump head and squeeze out the contents, the piston will go up. When the contents of the bottle are used up, the piston will run all the way to the top of the pump head, at this time you can remove the pump head and reinstall it, or use a hard object to top the piston to the bottom, you can use it again. Read More

  • Do new dispensing bottles need to be washed?

    New bottles need to be washed, it is best to use high temperature sterilization, if not high temperature resistant bottles, you can use alcohol soak, and then wipe clean with a cotton swab or medical gauze, placed for a while and so the alcohol evaporated can be used. Read More

  • Why choose plastic spray bottles?

    In the packaging materials market, although cosmetic spray bottles are packaged in a variety of materials, plastic spray bottles are the primary choice for customers to choose spray bottles, why do customers prefer plastic spray bottles when choosing spray bottles? Because plastic spray bottles have Read More

  • The filling process of cosmetic vacuum bottles

    Vacuum bottle pressure pump without straw, so that the inner material and air can be completely isolated, to avoid product oxidation and deterioration due to contact with air, breeding bacteria, and to enhance the product grade with its high-tech concept. The prevailing vacuum bottle in the market is composed of a cylindrical into an ellipsoidal container plus a piston placed at the bottom. Read More

  • Can the airless dispensing bottle be used for a long time

    You can't use a dispenser bottle for a long time. Sometimes you need to carry skin care products because of business trips or travels, but because the original bottles of skin care products are too large and inconvenient to carry, you need to use the dispensing bottles for dispensing. The majority of these bottles are made of plastic and are not sealed tightly, so they are only suitable for short-term use. It is very likely that the skin care products inside the bottle will deteriorate over time. Read More

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