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Discovery how it make

Sangu Plastic Industry has 5,000 square meters of workshops and more than 50 employees, including 5 R&D technicians with rich industry experience. There are mold workshops, injection workshops, hot stamping workshops, and assembly workshops. Most of the components are produced by our company, so as to ensure delivery and quality. In addition, we have also introduced a series of automatic injection molding machines, automatic inspection machines, automatic assembly machines, vacuum test boxes, vacuum leak testers and other automatic equipment to ensure that the technical requirements and standards meet domestic and foreign needs. The average daily output is 20,000.

Production craft

Sangu Plastic Industry offers a series of craft solutions including Hot Stamping,Silk Screen Printing, Electroplating, Color Injection, Spray Painting, and Frosted to meet all needs of customers' unique creative design.

Hot Stamping

When you want your logo to look very bold or especially shiny, then hot stamping may be the ideal print method.

Hot stamping printing is to use foil paper to print the metallic edge, text, or logo on the surface of the bottle. The most common color for hot stamping printing is shiny gold and shiny silver; Except for these two colors, various shiny colors are possible to be chosen.

Silk Screen Printing

Silk-screen printing is suitable for all types of materials, which is to print the text or the design mainly on the surface of the bottle. As for the double-layer packaging container, we not only could print on the outside of the outer bottle but also on the inner bottle.


When customers searching for a unique color, super shiny effect, or metal style design of the packaging, we would provide a metallic electroplating solution. Electroplating is applied on the surface of the bottles, let them more shiny and modern effect.

Color Injection

By adding color masterbatch during the forming process. Compared with Spray painting solution, the cost is lower. It’s suitable for the eco-friendly material like PP,PET.,etc.

Spray Painting

Spray painting is a painting technique in which a device sprays coating material (paint, ink, varnish, etc.) through the air onto the packaging surface. Mainly used for double-layer airless bottles and Acrylic bottles/jars, and all the colors could be customized according to Pantone color.

Frosted surface

The frosted surface is one of the durable and visually appealing packaging solutions. The frosted effect of packaging diffuses excessive light and hence helps to increase the shelf life of the product. Besides, it’s easily catches the attention of customers which helps in impulse purchasing by the customers. 


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