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Product delivery

The delivery time is an issue of great concern to our customers, so it is also a matter of great importance to Sangu Plastic. Over the years, we have continuously improved the production capacity of our factory, and we have integrated a large number of raw material supply chain resources, so we can ensure that our delivery time can be completed in accordance with our promise.

For the regular stock bottles, the lead time will be 3-5 Days.
For the customized bottles, the lead time will be about 15-30 Days.
It depends on the order quantity and our stock condition

Advanced equipment

We have a series of advanced automated production equipment, which can reach a maximum capacity of 20,000 units a day, and can meet most of our customers' production needs.

Reasonable production arrangement

Our production workshop has a very high level of management, we will work reasonably according to the size and number of customer orders, to ensure that each customer's production needs can be solved in the first time.

Own warehouse

Our warehouse area is over 1000 square meters, so that we can use it to stock some raw materials and produce some regular products in advance to facilitate our production needs as well as our customers' needs for quick delivery of regular products.

Supply chain integration:

Sangu Plastic Industry has more than 10 years of history and has a very good reputation in the industry. Yuyao is known as the plastic kingdom, which allows us to integrate a large number of raw material suppliers and also deploy some cooperative factories, so that we have a very strong rapid response mechanism. At the same time, we have a very strict management style for these supply chains, so our customers can work with us with confidence that we can deliver the products according to our promised product delivery time.


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