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Why skin care products most choose glass bottles

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Packing up my luggage every time I travel is a mighty big project. Those clothes and shoes are all okay, just stuff them into the suitcase. It's okay to concentrate cosmetics in one bag! The most troublesome thing is the skin care products. God knows how many skin care products are. As a result, I always pour it in aliquoted bottles every time, but sometimes when I travel on business, the contents of the aliquoted bottles can't be used up, which is a waste every time.


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But if you travel with formal clothes every time, you will be really overweight! This leads me to complain every time, why do businesses have to use glass bottles for skin care products, and most of them! In my cognition:

1. Glass materials are more expensive than plastic materials, so the cost of using glass bottles for skin care products is relatively high.

2. The glass bottle is easy to accidentally break, and all the skin care products in it will be scrapped, which is too easy to waste.

3. The glass bottle has a fixed shape, is large and heavy, and is not convenient to carry when going out.

Why do glass bottles have so many disadvantages, and businesses still prefer to use glass bottles for skin care products? The reasons are as follows:

1. The composition of glass is relatively stable, and it is not easy to produce chemical reaction with skin care products. Generally speaking, skin care products are packed in glass bottles, which are not easy to deteriorate.


2. Glass bottles have a sense of luxury. The main marketing of skin care products sold by merchants are two concepts: appearance + effect. Transparent glass bottles often convey a sense of luxury to consumers, and they are filled with some transparent or colorful products. The skin care products all look great.

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3. The weight of the glass bottle is heavier, more weight in the hand, and more material.

4. Glass bottles are more convenient and more thorough than plastic bottles. The easiest and most thorough way to disinfect plastic bottles and packaging materials is to wash them with water and then bake them at high temperature for disinfection. The glass bottle can be washed and baked with water, because the glass is resistant to high temperatures.

Therefore, it is reasonable for businesses to choose skin care products in glass bottles. You can buy small bottles when you go out, so that you are not afraid of weight, and you can get beautiful skin care when you go out~

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