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Why choose plastic spray bottles?

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In the packaging materials market, although cosmetic spray bottles are packaged in a variety of materials, plastic spray bottles are the primary choice for customers to choose spray bottles, why do customers prefer plastic spray bottles when choosing spray bottles? Because plastic spray bottles have the following benefits for customers.


airless bottle

1. plastic material, more lightweight, more convenient to carry.


2. compared to glass metal spray bottles, plastic spray bottles are easier to shape and easier to make the products that customers need.


3. The cost is relatively lower than other materials, and does not lose the packaging grade.


4. Relative to other materials, the spray will be relatively more delicate. As the plastic itself is softer, the bottle will partially shrink when spraying, generating hedging force, making the spray more delicate and long.


5. Less likely to leak. The pump head is usually made of plastic, the spiral structure between plastic and plastic is more airtight and solid, locking the air tightly, less likely to leak. Whereas plastic and other materials are relatively less airtight, other materials are more silky smooth and less likely to be reinforced.


6. High cost performance. Plastic spray bottle in terms of cost effectiveness to kill other material goods.


Cosmetic spray bottles can spray the makeup inside to the skin evenly, the traditional cosmetic bottle is unable to achieve, and cosmetic spray bottles also with this convenient and practical features, so that domestic manufacturers of cosmetic bottles have to make this practical cosmetic bottles.


airless bottle

People's love, so the whole market of cosmetic spray bottle suppliers rapidly increased, but also in the intensification of the competitiveness of this industry, so that cosmetic spray bottles in this rapid change in consumer attitudes in the market to continue to survive, but also rely on the quality of the product and product updates.


This has led to the extension of the spray bottle to the pharmaceutical industry, and this innovative change has made the cosmetic spray bottle a fire again. The pharmaceutical industry is no less fond of spray bottles than young women, which are easy to use and allow patients to eradicate lesions completely without their hands touching them. It also keeps patients safe from the threat of infection.


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