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What to pay attention to when designing cosmetic labeling packages

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For cosmetics, in addition to the safety of the material itself, a filing application is required, and the outer packaging also needs to be filed. Packaging is also a top priority for cosmetics. Just like a house, it’s just one of them. Part of the rest is decoration. What should be paid attention to when designing cosmetics OEM packaging materials? Improve efficiency and buy time to get products to market quickly.



There are two situations for this problem:

The first type is to entrust a cosmetics processing factory to design and purchase packaging materials. This situation is very easy to solve, because the cosmetics processing factory has a dedicated person responsible for this. For customers, wait for the packaging material design. In the future, send it to you, and then you can see what changes are needed, make comments, and then modify and confirm the samples.

The second type is that the customer designs the packaging material by himself, but after the design is done, the design must first be sent to the cosmetics processing factory, so that they can contact the person who filed to check if there are any problems with the design, mainly the picture The patterns and text on the Because some things cannot be written, otherwise the filing will not pass. There is no loss in making changes at this level. When the modification is correct, proceed to the second part.



The packaging material is sampled, and then the product filing cycle (10-20) days is sent to the cosmetics foundry. During this filing period, the packaging material manufacturer can be arranged to produce bulk goods, which can save time for production, because only the packaging material is to the cosmetics Only manufacturers can plan production.


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