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What is the use of cosmetic packaging?(2)

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Why does Essence have a soft spot for dark glass bottles?

There are many products that like to use dark glass bottles as packaging. What kind of "little brown bottle", "little black bottle", "red waist", etc., do you know the truth?


The function of dark glass is to block the ultraviolet rays in sunlight and prevent some photosensitive active ingredients from being oxidized and decomposed. Generally speaking, dark glass bottles are used for high-active skin care products such as antioxidant, anti-aging, and whitening.


For example, vitamin C, ferulic acid, polyphenols and other components are easy to oxidize when exposed to air or light; the chemical properties of retinol and its derivatives are unstable and easily decomposed by ultraviolet light.

These active ingredients are the soul of various skin care formulations. Once they are photolyzed and oxidized, they have no effect. Some ingredients may even be toxic or allergenic after photolysis. As mentioned above, glass containers are light-resistant and heat-resistant, so it is particularly necessary to use dark glass bottles for this kind of skin care products.

This truth is actually the same as red wine. It is not well protected in storage. Even the Lafite in 1982 can only be dumped.

Can vacuum packaging really last longer?

I would like to ask everyone, when choosing skin care products, do you like pouring out? Or squeeze? Or push type?

Don't ask, ask is the push pump head design!

The design of the vacuum pump head of the skin care product uses the retraction force of the spring to prevent air from entering the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, so as to achieve the "only out but not in" use result.

Each time you press the pump head, the small piston at the bottom of the bottle will move upwards. When the material comes out, no air will enter. As the material decreases, the space becomes less and less, so that a product is not used until it is opened. Worry about the ingress of air.

The advantage of this is that it can prevent the product components from being oxidized and stabilize their activity; it can inhibit the reproduction and growth of microorganisms to a certain extent and avoid pollution.

This replaces the addition of any preservatives, so that the product can maintain the stability of the formula during use.

Theoretically speaking, the storage time can be extended, but most skin care products are liquid (such as moisturizing water, lotion, etc.), which cannot be completely vacuumed like a solid, so the extended storage time is also limited.


To sum up

The packaging of skin care products is odd and weird, but when it comes to efficacy, the most important core is to protect the active ingredients. After all, one by one, Jin Guijiao is not exposed to light or heat. If you feel unsatisfactory, you will lose your temper. A good "house" gives a sense of security.

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