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What is the use of cosmetic packaging?(1)

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When you buy skin care products, what is your focus? Is the ingredient of the product? Or the effect of publicity?

Have you paid attention to the packaging of the product after many years of skin care? Maybe you don't know that the design of these bottles can not only reflect the brand's skin care concept, but also affect the use of skin care products. What is the mystery hidden in those various bottles?


Plastic bottles vs glass bottles, which one is better?

Friends who have used skin care products will find that there are three main types of materials in containers for skin care products: plastic, glass and metal.

Among them, the most used plastics account for up to 80%, followed by glass, while metal accounts for only 8%.


The main reasons why most skin care products on the market use plastic containers are as follows:

1. Light weight, convenient storage and transportation, easy to carry and use.

2. Good barrier properties, good airtightness and high transparency.

3. Good processing performance, various sizes, specifications, shapes, everything.

4. Manuals, barcodes, anti-counterfeiting marks, etc. are easy to color and print, and will not fall off.

5. Good chemical stability, low toxicity, hygiene and safety.

However, plastic containers also have their limitations. Plastics are less heat resistant, have limited light barrier properties, are easily contaminated on the surface, and are more troublesome to recycle. For some high-end cosmetics or those that are volatile and easy to emit fragrance, plastic containers are not the best choice.

Compared with plastics, glass is absolutely superior in light resistance, heat resistance, and solvent resistance. The market advantages are as follows:

Although the use of plastic is the highest, it does not mean that plastic is the best "home" for skin care products.

1. Good transparency, the material is clearly visible

2. Good barrier properties, can provide good quality guarantee conditions

3. Good temperature tolerance, high temperature sterilization, and low temperature storage

4. Abundant raw materials, recyclable, no pollution to the environment

5. Good chemical stability, non-toxic and tasteless, clean and hygienic

From this point of view, glass packaging is indeed much better than plastic, but glass also has defects and is of greater quality. Not to mention, the shortcomings of "fragility" alone require higher costs in processing and transportation. Affect the overall price of skin care products.


However, in the cosmetics industry, glass still maintains a very important position.

Especially for high-end skin care products or some cosmetics with special requirements, glass bottle containers can not only ensure better storage and use of the products, they are crystal-transparent and elegant and luxurious, and they are also unmatched by plastic bottles.


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