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What are the processes of cosmetic packaging materials(2)

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Packaging anti-counterfeiting anodized aluminum hot stamping graphics and text present a strong metallic luster, bright and eye-catching, never fade. 

In particular, the gold and silver electrochemical aluminum, with its magnificent, exquisite and elegant decoration, embellishes the surface of the printed matter, enhances the artistic Tangshan jade seal of the printed matter, and plays a promotional effect that highlights the theme; its brightness greatly exceeds that of printed gold and printed silver. , So that the product has a high-end feeling and gives people a beautiful enjoyment. 


At the same time, due to the excellent physical and chemical properties of anodized aluminum, it plays a role in protecting printed products, so the hot stamping process is widely used in high-end and exquisite packaging and decoration trademarks, wall calendars, book covers and other printed materials; secondly, anodized aluminum hot stamping A very wide range of characters, from general book covers, trademark patterns, publicity advertisements, plastic products to daily necessities, from paper to leather, cotton, etc.

Hot stamping is a dry processing method, the workpiece can be packaged and transported immediately after hot stamping. Therefore, hot stamping technology is currently widely used in pre-press technology, and the scope of application of hot stamping is still expanding.

4. Surface spraying

The four elements that make up paint include: Resin; Pigment; Solvent and Other additives.

The types of coating drying are as follows:

1) Volatile drying (using thinner to evaporate and dry);

2) Fusion drying (molecules and molecules are resistant to phase polymerization due to volatilization);

3) Oxidative drying (unsaturated fatty acids combine with oxygen in the air);

4) Dry by bridging reaction (using bridging agent, so-called hardener to form bridge and harden);

5) Ultraviolet curing (unsaturated polyester is irradiated with an ultraviolet wavelength of 300-400mn after the unsaturated polyester is added, and the molecules are polymerized and cured).

5. Introduction of UV process:

UV coatings can be coated by dipping, curtain coating, lacquer coating, spin coating, or even vacuum coating, and then cured into a film by ultraviolet photon irradiation. Compared with general solvent-based coatings, the characteristics of UV coatings are as follows: Fast curing speed; Curing at room temperature; Save energy; Save floor space; Does not pollute the environment; Improve product performance.

6. Thermal transfer

Thermal transfer is a technique in which patterns or patterns are printed on heat-resistant adhesive paper, and the patterns and patterns of the ink layer are printed on finished materials by heating and pressing. Even for multi-color patterns, since the transfer operation is only a process, customers can shorten the pattern printing operation and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) caused by printing errors. Using thermal transfer film printing, multi-color patterns can be formed at one time, without color registration, and simple equipment can also print realistic patterns.


7. Sandblasting

The application of sandblasting on metal surfaces is very common. The principle is to impact accelerated abrasive particles on the metal surface to achieve rust removal, deburring, deoxidation or surface pretreatment, etc. It can change the finish of the metal surface And stress state. And some parameters that affect the sandblasting technology need to be paid attention to, such as the type of abrasive, the particle size of the abrasive, the spray distance, the spray angle and the speed. In addition to sandblasting, shot blasting is also a good choice.

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