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What are the possible hazards of vacuum dispensing bottles

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Short trips have become a way for girls to relax when they go on holidays, and they need to look beautiful and have skin care products. But big bottles and small bottles, big tubes and small tubes are all too much trouble to carry, so many people are ready to buy a variety of cute and convenient dispensing bottles. A small bottle can meet the amount of skin care products we need for about three days, and it saves space and allows us to pack lightly.


But in fact, we have found that it is best not to use split bottles for the categories of skincare products and the way they are produced and the various aspects. Why do you say so? Here I will take you to reveal four reasons to tell you may be very wasteful skin care products, not only that, after the use of the skin there is a certain impact.

airless bottle

Safety may not be up to par

Many bloggers have a lot of work out shooting, they also recommend a lot of good and cheap dispensing bottles. There are some cheap very poor quality, workmanship is relatively rough, open the express after the puff of plastic smell, such things to install expensive skin care products, you still dare to use?

A lot of dispensing bottles are made of poor quality cheap secondary plastic, so in terms of safety may not be very up to standard, especially after buying back with a great smell of that kind, even if cleaned, but there are still some chemical residues. Especially some expensive essence eye creams and so on in such bottles, the second use does not know what ingredients will be more in the face.

Poor sealing

Some dispensing bottles have this phenomenon, obviously screwed very tightly in the bag after the bumpy ride in the bottle cap has been loose. The skin care products that we carry will leak out accidentally, which will cause a waste of skin care products, and let us go out and not be able to skin care.

This phenomenon often happens, mainly in the cheap series of cheap dispensing bottles, some big brands or products with a guarantee, or rarely appear in this situation. But it is inevitable that some fairies are greedy for cheap, think it is only used to fill a container of skin care products can not afford to buy too expensive. So try not to use the dispensing bottle, choose some sets of travel sets now many big brand skincare sets carry small samples.

There is a risk of reaction

It's not that the ingredients of the skin care products and the material of the bottles to react, but there are some skin care products that need to be packed with dark bottles to avoid direct sunlight. For example, there are some vc and other whitening ingredients of the essence, it is necessary to avoid light, like transparent dispensing bottles will soon fail, also belong to the more wasteful.

airless bottle

Disinfection is not up to standard


This actually has a great connection with the above mentioned safety, but a little different is that there may be some microbial molecules in the dispensing bottles that have just been produced. With skin care products packed together becomes a good medium, but where there are some bacteria will multiply, we apply on the face is also easy to have some small problems.

However, it is not labeled that all the split bottles can not be used, but in order to avoid choosing a bad category, we still choose sets of travel sets. Now many big brand skincare products also came out with the travel set or the big brand have sent some small samples, go out and carry the use of completely enough.

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