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The role of cosmetic hoses in packaging

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With the increasing competitiveness of the cosmetics market, the position of cosmetic hoses, as a product closely related to cosmetics, is also increasing. Cosmetic manufacturers are working hard to expand their market share in cosmetic packaging and Work hard on publicity.


airless bottle

As a direct packaging product of cosmetics, the cosmetic tube is also a fashionable product. I believe that everyone is often attracted by the packaging products when buying some items, such as buying a good-looking drink and reluctant to throw it away after drinking it. , This is the charm of packaging. Although the cosmetic tube is just a container, its changeable shape and rich color rendering make it more advantageous than glass and plastic packaging.

After talking about the appearance, let’s talk about the inner things. After all, no matter how good a drink is, not many people are willing to buy it. Similarly, no matter how good the appearance is, not many people are willing to pay for the cosmetic effect.


airless bottle

The cosmetic hose eliminates the air oxygen in the container, and uses packaging materials with excellent barrier properties and strict sealing technology to ensure the tightness of the cosmetics, which can effectively prevent the exchange of packaging items, and let everyone know the product. No need to worry about fakes, and it can also prevent the packaging from spoiling and expiring. 

Similarly, because of the tight sealing and the elimination of internal gas, the heat transfer can be accelerated, the efficiency of heat treatment is improved, and the sterilization is facilitated, and the hose can also avoid rupture due to gas expansion during sterilization.


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