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The quality requirements of glass bottles(2)

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5. Electroplating/spraying adhesion: Use a utility knife to draw 4-6 squares about 0.2cm in length on the electroplated/sprayed part (scratch the electroplated/sprayed coating is enough), use 3M-810 tape After sticking to the square for 1 minute, pull it off quickly and firmly at an angle of 45°~90°, without falling off.

6. Put the glass bottle into a 50% alcohol container and soak for 2 hours, there is no abnormality.

airless bottle

3. Glass bottle structure and function requirements

1. Material: The material requirements of the glass bottle are consistent with the standard sample.

2. Dimensions: important dimensions such as the outside diameter of the bottle body, the inside and outside diameter of the bottle mouth, the height of the bottle, the outside diameter of the thread, and the thickness of the bayonet shall be measured with a vernier caliper and height ruler with a minimum scale of 0.01mm. The measurement results must meet the requirements of the drawing.

3. Airtightness requirements: Fill the product with water, and lay (or turn it upside down) on the absorbent white paper in the vacuum box. Vacuum for 15 minutes, the loss rate should not be large.

At 0.5%. The air pressure of the vacuum box means that the product material is ordinary material -0.06MPa, and the product material contains volatile components: -0.08MPa.

4. Physical and chemical performance standards

Test items

Inspection requirements

Heavy metal content

The total content of lead, cadmium, mercury and hexavalent chromium≤200mg/KG, without arsenic

Internal stress

≤3 level

Thermal shock resistance


Water resistance of inner surface


Impact resistance



5. Content content requirements

Use a graduated cylinder to measure a certain amount of water to the shoulder of the bottle to calculate whether it meets the net content requirements. If necessary, use the actual content for testing. When the content is filled to the shoulder of the container (beautiful filling height), Greater than the product label value and less than 105% of the product label value.

airless bottle

6. Compatibility requirements

The bottle and cap (sprinkler), gasket, and inner plug (inner bowl) must cooperate smoothly, and there must be no excessive tightness, looseness, crooked head, or slippery teeth; the distance between the bottle and cap (sprinkler) is 0.3-0.8mm between.

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