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The production of cosmetic hose requirements(2)

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The choice of color masterbatch: Color masterbatch plays an important role in the quality control of hose. Therefore, when choosing a color masterbatch, user companies should consider whether it has good dispersibility, filtration and thermal stability, weather resistance and product resistance. 

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The product resistance of the color masterbatch is particularly important during the use of the hose. If the color masterbatch is incompatible with the product installed, the color of the masterbatch will migrate to the product, and the consequences will be very serious. Therefore, daily chemical companies should test the stability of new products and hoses (accelerated tests under specified conditions).

Varnish types and their respective characteristics: The varnish used in the hose is divided into ultraviolet UV type and thermal drying type, which can be divided into bright surface and matte surface in appearance. Varnish not only provides beautiful visual effects, but also protects the contents, and has a certain barrier effect on oxygen, water vapor, and fragrance. Generally speaking, hot-drying varnishes have good adhesion to subsequent bronzing and silk screen printing, while ultraviolet UV varnishes have better gloss.

Daily chemical companies can choose appropriate varnish according to the characteristics of their products. In addition, the cured varnish should have good adhesion, smooth surface without pitting, bend-resistant, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and there should be no discoloration during storage.


Requirements for tube body/tube head:

1. The surface of the tube body should be smooth, free of streaks, scratches, strains, and shrinkage. The tube body should be straight and not bent. The tube wall thickness should be uniform. The tube wall thickness, tube length and diameter tolerances should Within the specified range;

2. The tube head and the tube body of the hose should be firmly connected, and the wiring should be neat and beautiful, with uniform width, and the tube head should not be skewed after injection;

3. The pipe head and the pipe cover should cooperate well, screw in and screw out smoothly, and there is no slippage phenomenon within the specified torque range, and there is no water or air leakage between the pipe and the cover;

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Printing requirements: Tube processing usually uses offset printing (OFFSET), most of the ink used is UV drying, it usually requires strong ink adhesion and resistance to discoloration. The printing color should be within the specified shade, the overprint position should be accurate, the deviation should be within 0.2mm, and the font should be complete and clear.

Requirements for plastic caps: Plastic caps are usually made of polypropylene (PP) by injection molding. High-quality plastic caps should have no obvious shrinkage lines and sharp edges. The clamping line should be smooth, accurate in size, and smooth and normal. There is no structural damage such as brittle cracks and cracks during use. For example, when the opening force is within the range, the flip should withstand more than 300 folding times without breaking.

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