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The production of cosmetic hose requirements(1)

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Hose, this convenient and economical packaging material has a wide range of applications in the field of daily chemicals, and is very popular. A good hose can not only protect the content, but also improve the product level, which can win more consumers for daily chemical companies. So, for daily chemical companies, how to choose high-quality plastic hoses suitable for their own products? Below we will introduce several important aspects.

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The selection and quality of materials are the key to ensuring the quality of the hose, which will directly affect the processing and final use of the hose. The materials of plastic hoses include polyethylene (for tube body, tube head), polypropylene (tube cover), color masterbatch, barrier resin, printing ink, varnish, etc. Therefore, the choice of any material will directly affect the quality of the hose. However, the choice of material also depends on factors such as hygiene requirements, barrier properties (requirements for blocking oxygen, water vapor, and fragrance retention), chemical resistance and other factors.


Selection of pipe materials: First of all, the materials used must meet relevant sanitary standards, and harmful substances such as heavy metals and fluorescent agents should be controlled within the specified range.

Barrier properties of materials: If the contents of the packaging of the daily chemical company are particularly sensitive to oxygen (such as some whitening cosmetics) or the fragrance is very easy to volatilize (such as essential oils or some grease, acid, salt and other corrosive chemicals) In this case, a five-layer co-extruded tube should be used.

Material stiffness: Daily chemical companies have different requirements for hose stiffness, so how to get the desired stiffness? The polyethylene commonly used in hoses is mainly low-density polyethylene, high-density polyethylene, and linear low-density polyethylene. Among them, the stiffness of high-density polyethylene is better than that of low-density polyethylene, so the desired stiffness can be achieved by adjusting the ratio of high-density polyethylene/low-density polyethylene.

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Chemical resistance of the material: high density polyethylene lower density polyethylene has better chemical resistance.

Weather resistance of materials: To control the short-term or long-term performance of the hose, it is necessary to consider factors such as appearance, pressure/drop performance, sealing strength, environmental stress crack resistance, fragrance and active ingredient loss.

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