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The principles of cosmetic packaging design

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Cosmetic packaging is an effective way to attract customers to promote consumption while protecting cosmetics. Cosmetic packaging should be constantly innovated and reformed, so that it can keep up with people's continuously changing ideas and pursuits. So, what guidelines should be followed in cosmetic packaging planning?


1. Environmental protection concept

In recent years, our country has paid more and more attention to environmental protection. The concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain has penetrated into various departments. From the perspective of ecological protection, cosmetics packaging materials should be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly, not only can reduce costs, Moreover, it can reduce the pressure of customers to purchase. 

In addition, it is a very correct choice to increase the utilization rate of cosmetic packaging, add circulation, and resist excessive packaging. As long as the road of protecting the ecological environment is taken, the brand can ensure the continuous development of the brand.


2. Application concept

The packaging of some cosmetics is very good-looking, and the bells and whistles are simple to attract consumers, but people do not buy back after the first purchase and use. Most of the reasons are that the packaging box is too tasteless, either simply damaged or unreasonably planned. Every time you use it It is very inconvenient. In this case, even if the products inside are good, it will not save the customer's return rate.

Therefore, the practical concept is that every cosmetic packaging planner must consider and follow, such as compressive ability and water resistance. , Light blocking, fragrance retention, etc., are all important factors that need to be considered in addition to the quality of the product itself.



3. Humanized concept

The largest consumer group of cosmetics is female friends. From their perspective, starting from their consumer psychology, the planned cosmetic packaging is more attractive, because each cosmetics application object has a positioning, so in When planning, it can be subdivided according to the age of women friends, adopt different planning schemes, and implement different planning styles, but no matter which type, remember to reflect the level of cosmetics, and show its safety and texture.


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