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The knowledge of cosmetic packaging

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Packaging is greater than quality, which is a common problem in the cosmetics market today. A truly high-quality cosmetics packaging is not a single pursuit of beauty and unique appearance, but a form that is more in line with the characteristics of the brand and the market based on the characteristics of the product and the needs of consumers. The knowledge of cosmetic packaging is not simple.



1. Good looks should also be combined with needs

Many cosmetic brands, when designing the outer packaging of their products, tend to enhance their appearance at the expense of practicality. For example, Olensona’s protein water, in order to make the packaging look more atmospheric, adopts an open bottle design with an overly large bottle mouth, which is almost comparable to mineral water bottles, which makes it extremely inconvenient for consumers to use. If it is too large, it will be "poured down", which is very wasteful. Estee Lauder's Ace DW Liquid Foundation does not even design a pump in pursuit of external beauty! 

When consumers use it, they must pour them, and they must pour out the exact usage amount, which is very difficult and very inconvenient. Therefore, the packaging design of cosmetics must be combined with convenience. Franic, a brand under Uniasia, has its rose bud water packaging design in compliance with this concept. The appearance of this flower bud water is like a large capsule with high appearance. It also uses a design that presses down to spread the material evenly on the bottle holder, which is not only more hygienic and safe, but also very convenient to take.


2. Packaging should integrate brand story

Although packaging has gained more and more attention in the cosmetics industry, most domestic cosmetics brands are still too lazy. They still blindly follow popular trends in packaging. They are either simple or fancy, but they do not reflect the brand personality and brand story. A high-quality cosmetic packaging can integrate the brand story and create a brand personality. For example, the packaging of Huaxizi, a cutting-edge domestic cosmetics brand, closely connects traditional Chinese culture, creating its own brand personality and culture from the appearance. The foreign brand Fasello also uses illustrations to combine the images of historical celebrities and classic story characters into product packaging to show brand personality.

3. Environmental design is the trend

Some time ago, some international brands such as Chanel, Hailan Mystery, etc. were unqualified due to excessive packaging voids. "Excessive packaging" has always been a problem in the cosmetics industry. In order to pack the atmosphere, many brands usually use oversized packaging when designing gift boxes, which leads to increased environmental pollution.

From the perspective of international trends, environmental protection packaging has been increasingly valued by the industry and consumers. I believe that many women have a deep understanding of the fact that many cosmetic bottles and jars that are used up in daily life are reluctant to throw away. When the dressing table can't fit, they can't throw them away. Therefore, recyclable packaging bottles are very important at this time, which can not only reduce environmental pollution, but also reduce waste and achieve waste utilization.


In order to seek better development, more and more beauty companies are gradually implementing these themes in the production of their products. Procter & Gamble has built a plastic recycling plant and introduced recycled plastic packaging bottles; Shiseido has expanded the use of plant-derived plastics and so on.

There is no doubt that more and more consumers and brands are focusing on environmental protection, green and sustainable development of products. It can be seen from 70.2% of the interviewed consumers that "sustainable production, environmental awareness and ethical restraint" will become an important trend in the development of the beauty industry.


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