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The importance of packaging design

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For many people, when we go to shopping malls or supermarkets to buy things, we will see a lot of dazzling products, their respective characteristics and functions are different, but they all have a big common point, that is, they have their own package. A good packaging can enhance the value of the product itself, and it will attract more consumers' attention. 


Therefore, many companies now not only pay attention to the high level of product quality, but also focus more on product planning and packaging design, and strive to introduce the "best packaging" for their products. But there are still some bosses who think that as long as our quality is high, no matter how bad the packaging is, it can be popular. In fact, this kind of thinking is really outdated and wrong. Let's briefly popularize the importance of product planning and packaging design for you!


1. Corporate image

Ordinary people generally don't know a certain company, and can only judge what kind of company it is by buying their products. Therefore, the image of the product indirectly represents the image of the company. A good product planning and packaging design is to create a good corporate image for the public. If the product packaging itself is of poor quality and the materials used are cheap, then the corporate image will not be much better, and we may even think that this is a fake and inferior product, which is very unworthy.

2. Enterprise competitiveness

When some people see this, they must have doubts in their minds. Isn’t it just to beautify the product packaging or change it to a new one? Why is it still related to the competitiveness of enterprises? In fact, this kind of thinking is relatively narrow. I will give you an example. They are all made of pineapple cakes, and they are placed next to each other on the supermarket shelves. If it is the same price, a package looks like normal The black plastic bag used is a well-designed vacuum packaging bag. From the first impression, which one would you buy? This is the potential competitiveness, and only the advantages that product planning and packaging design can bring.



3. The popularity of consumers

Similar to the previous two points, if a company is very careful about its products and even designs the packaging carefully, then what is not worth trusting. As long as the consumer welcomes it, even if it has been successful, product planning and packaging design is also very necessary.


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