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The history of airless bottles(2)

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2. Hose vacuum system

This system is based on the evolution of ordinary hoses, replacing the original cover with a vacuum pump head. By pressing the head of the vacuum pump, the inside of the hose is promoted to produce a vacuum state, and the outer wall of the hose is compressed and deformed by the atmospheric pressure, so that the discharge body is distributed through the discharge hole of the vacuum pump. Because the hose wall is composite stretched by multiple layers of materials, it has a certain strength and requires relatively high suction and tightness of the vacuum pump head.

airless bottle

3. Inner vacuum system

This system can be said to be a combination of the above two, that is, it has a hard appearance and a soft liner. The material of the inner tank can be PE, aluminum bag, etc. The way of distributing and discharging the material is similar to the hose-type vacuum system, so it is not described here. 

Different paths lead to the same goal. For the existence of different vacuum system structures, there must be a desirable side. Of course, each structure cannot be seen face to face and can adapt to the infinitely changing use environment. Before determining the system structure of the vacuum pump and the bottle, relevant preliminary investigations should be done, such as the viscosity of the material, the use environment, and the compatibility with the material.

3. Vacuum pump and bottle manufacturing process and secondary processing

In the production process of vacuum pumps and bottles, in addition to environmental cleanliness requirements, special attention should be paid to the stability and reliability of packaging. It is particularly worth mentioning that for cosmetic packaging to achieve attractive aesthetics, it must undergo secondary processing such as screen printing, thermal transfer, electroplating, and UV spraying. Regardless of the compatibility of the raw materials used in the secondary processing process with the material or plastic raw materials, the size and appearance of the parts after the secondary processing are also very difficult to control and protect. 

In addition to stable secondary processing process control, it is also necessary to carry out size classification control on plastic materials for different secondary processing processes during the injection molding stage, and adequate protection of packaging by each process.

4. The development trend of vacuum pumps and bottles

At present, vacuum packaging takes the lead in the entire cosmetic packaging market, and the vacuum packaging market is clearly led by vacuum pumps and bottles. Today's vacuum systems can deliver high-end and enhanced value to brands.

Vacuum pumps and bottles tend to be green (there are two ways here: one chooses more environmentally friendly raw materials; the other chooses to reduce the number of parts that make up the entire product and minimize the weight of the packaging), there are also some others on the market New development trend.

In terms of multi-purpose, cosmetics and vacuum pump skin care products such as double-layer bottles and double-ended bottles are rapidly emerging, such as double-ended bottles (vacuum pump at one end, roller beads at the other end, powder box, etc.).

airless bottle

In terms of appearance and shape, more concise and generous design will become the mainstream. Currently, cylindrical products are the most on the market, followed by elliptical and square products, and there are not many odd-shaped products. It shows that consumers still agree with simple and generous products. Of course, in order for brand companies to cater to the needs of the brand, it is another matter.

In order to attract more consumers and win the attention of more consumers, rich and changeable secondary processing technology will become the first choice. Proper packaging will glow with unique charm. The secondary processing technology will also usher in another technological revolution and innovation!

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