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The characteristics of cosmetic OEM packaging materials

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Glass bottles are mainly used for cosmetics: skin care products (creams, lotions), perfumes, essential oils, nail polishes have a small capacity, and a capacity of more than 200ml is rarely used in cosmetics. Glass bottles are divided into wide-mouth bottles and narrow-mouth bottles. The solid paste is usually a wide-mouth bottle. 


It should be equipped with an aluminum cover or a plastic cover. Bottle caps can be used for color sprays and other effects; body lotions or water-based pastes usually use narrow-mouth bottles, which should be equipped with pump heads. If the cap is equipped with an inner plug, the liquid is equipped with a small hole and an inner plug, and the thicker lotion is equipped with a large hole inner plug.



1) Cream bottle series: glass bottle body + double-layer plastic cover (generally 10g-50g)

2) Essence series: glass bottle + plastic pump head or anodized aluminum pump head (relatively high, 20 to 100ml)

3) Toner series: glass bottle + plastic inner plug + shell (above 100ml, pump head can also be equipped)

4) Essential oil bottle series: glass bottle body + inner plug + large cap or glue dripping tip + dropper + anodized aluminum cap

2. Hose

The hose is divided into a single-layer double-layer five-layer hose, which is different in resistance to pressure, penetration and hand feeling, such as the five-layer tube from the outer layer to the inner layer, two adhesive layers and barrier layers. Features: With excellent gas barrier properties, it can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odorous gases, and prevent the odor of the contents and the leakage of effective ingredients.



The hose + cap/hose are usually made of PE plastic. According to the thickness of the product, it is divided into single-layer pipes (multi-purpose, low-cost) and double-layer pipes (good sealing performance). According to the shape of the product, it is divided into round hoses (multi-purpose, low-cost), flat hoses are also called special-shaped tubes (for secondary joints, higher cost). The outer shell of the hose has a screw cap (single layer and double layer, most of the double caps are electroplated caps to increase the product grade and look more beautiful, most professional lines are screw caps) and flip caps.


3. Plastic bottle

The material of plastic bottles is usually PP, PE, K material, AS, ABS, acrylic, PET, etc. Commonly used in cosmetics container wall thickness, cream bottle, bottle cap, bottle stopper gasket, pump head dust cap for injection molding; PET bottle blowing two-step molding tube blank for injection molding, blowing bottle packaging. 

Other lotion bottles, such as thinner container wall wash bottles, are blown bottles. PET-PET has high transparency, the bottle is soft, can be squeezed but is harder than PP. PP-PP bottles are softer than PET, easier to squeeze, and have lower transparency than PET, so some opaque shampoo bottles are more common (easy to squeeze). PE-bottles are basically opaque, not as smooth as PET. Acrylic is thick and hard, most like glass is acrylic.

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