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The advantages of hot stamping and cold stamping technologies used by cosmetic packaging box manufacturers

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Hot stamping is an important metal effect surface finishing method for cosmetics packaging box manufacturers. It is an ineffective way to enhance the visual effects of trademarks, cartons, labels and other products. It is widely used. The two secondary hot stamping methods, hot stamping and cold stamping, have their own disadvantages. In theoretical use, the appropriate hot stamping method should be selected according to the detailed situation, and the second consideration should be based on the cost and quality.



Advantages of hot stamping technology:

1. Good quality, high precision, clear and sharp edges of hot stamping images.

2. The surface gloss is high, and the hot stamping pattern is bright and smooth.

3. The hot stamping foil has a wide range of options, such as different colors or different gloss effects, and hot stamping foils that can be used on different substrates. 4. You can stop flat hot stamping.


Advantages of cold stamping technology:

1. There is no need to purchase relatively inexpensive special hot stamping facilities.

2. Ordinary flexographic plates can be used instead of metal hot stamping plates. The plate making speed is fast, the cycle is short, and the hot stamping plate has a low cost.

3. The hot stamping speed is fast, up to 450fpm.

4. There is no need for heating installation, wasting power.


In theoretical consumption, whether cosmetics packaging box manufacturers choose hot stamping technology or cold stamping technology? Of course, it should be based on the detailed situation. Using hot stamping technology may achieve hot stamping quality and hot stamping effect, but the original is higher. Although the quality of cold hot stamping is also good, it is inferior to hot stamping, but the cost is lower.

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