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Selection principle of cosmetic packaging materials

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1. Reasonable selection of materials

To develop new packaging materials, the first consideration is the selection of materials. The selection principles of materials are as follows:

It comes from the raw materials of the finished packaging material itself, whether the raw materials will interact with the plastic material of the packaging material.

From market demand, market demand can be divided into three grades of packaging, medium, high and low to make a reasonable choice.

The function of the packaging material itself, such as sealing parts, mostly use soft rubber.

Choose according to your company's situation. Sometimes there are several materials for the same packaging material that can meet the design requirements, and the price is different, but which one to choose depends on the company's own situation. Sometimes the choice may not be cheap. , But it is good to communicate and cooperate with suppliers, which is very important.



2. Choose a reasonable structure

The structure development of packaging materials does not mean that the more complex the better, on the contrary, the simpler the structure is, the better it can meet the various functional requirements. The structure is simple, the mold is simple, the assembly is simple, and there are fewer problems.

3. Simplify the mold structure

The development of the packaging material structure must be designed under the conditions that can meet the mold opening. It is very important to understand the mold structure and molding method. Don't design for a long time, and the mold cannot be opened, then it will be embarrassing.

The mold can be opened and the mold structure must be simplified. Simplify the principle and minimize the deduction.


4. Control the cost of packaging materials

This is also a core part of the whole package. The level of cost determines the company's profit, from the perspective of pure plastic packaging material factories.

When selecting materials, try to choose low-priced materials, on the basis of meeting the same conditions.

To meet the appearance requirements, reduce the number of accessories.

Simplify the product structure so that every structure is useful. This also saves the cost of the mold.

Choose reasonable matching methods for packaging materials.

According to the appearance requirements, select a reasonable, high-suburban, low-cost surface treatment method, such as whether it is possible to directly process the suburban fruit on the mold.


There must be a set of standard controls on the development progress of new packaging materials to prevent unnecessary errors and avoid delays in delivery.

If possible, try to use mature products in the market for cooperative development. For example, the use of general-purpose mouth-mouth products and preform products on the market is a great help to reduce the cost of the package material product and advance the development schedule.

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