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Processing and utilization of airless plastic bottle recycling

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1. Become a textile

Airless plastic bottles can be turned into chemical fiber materials. This material can replace cotton and be used as a filler for quilts and pillows. It can also be processed into a raw material for clothes. Some foreign countries have very strong technology in this area. Try to import plastic bottles to make clothes.


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2. Converted to fuel

Some people will buy a machine, put plastic products into this machine, after a certain operation, the plastic can be turned into crude oil first, and then processed again, it can be used directly.

3. Composite materials

Airless plastic bottles only need to go through a few processes to become a wood-plastic composite material. This material can be effectively used in some construction industries, as well as in the transportation industry, and has a wide range of uses.

Extended information:

Plastic bottles are mainly made of materials such as polyethylene or polypropylene and added with a variety of organic solvents. Most materials are recyclable, which lays the foundation for the treatment of plastic bottle pollution.

Once you have the foundation, you must also do a good "combination boxing."

First of all, we must implement a good separation and recycling of garbage. Although the garbage collection system has been promoted in various places, the effect is not very obvious. Therefore, it is necessary to increase publicity and vigorously promote garbage classification and recycling. This is not only conducive to the recycling and reuse of plastic bottles, but also conducive to the classification and treatment of other garbage.


Secondly, companies must take responsibility for recycling. Manufacturers of beverages and mineral water use a large number of plastic bottles every year, but they do not match their responsibilities. Enterprises should be urged to include some measures to encourage recycling of plastic bottles in the sales link to increase the recycling rate of plastic bottles.

Third, encourage the research and development of airless plastic bottle recycling technologies. The high cost of recycling is an important reason why many companies are hesitant to recycle plastic bottles. Therefore, the government should encourage and support the research and development of plastic bottle recycling technology through capital and taxation, and use technology to reduce recycling costs.

airless bottle

In addition, the development of alternative products is also a way to go. Many countries in the world are now aware of the environmental hazards of plastic products, including plastic bottles, and strongly support the research and development of products that can replace plastics.

For example, British university students have developed an edible film made from a natural seaweed extract. Consumers can put water and beverages into the film and drink them together. This is a useful attempt.

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