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Problems prone to cosmetic OEM foundry

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1. Packaging material quality issues

In cosmetics OEM, there are many packaging materials that require a lot of boxes, bottles, bags and so on. For these mass-produced bottles and cans, if the quality of the packaging materials is not good, it will appear. During transportation, the phenomenon of rupture or poor sealing is easy to leak, and the appearance of the packaging material has excessive deviation.


2. Incomplete packaging materials

The problem of incomplete packaging materials for cosmetic packaging material manufacturers is a very common problem in cosmetic OEM OEMs. Because many cosmetics are not just a bottle or box. For example, a cream bottle is composed of a bottle, a lid, a pull pad, a box, an inner support, a label, etc. There are many small parts, which are very important in the production process. It is easy to miss a certain part.


3. The problem of unrealistic packaging material capacity

Because the capacity of cosmetic containers is very different from the marked specifications, for example, the standard specification of some perfume bottles is 50ML, but the actual packaging capacity is 30ML or 70ML. The gap is very large, which makes it impossible to accurately estimate the number of packaging materials to be purchased.

4. Product packaging format issues

The cosmetic packaging format of the cosmetic packaging material manufacturer does not meet the national standards. For example, the outer packaging of the product does not clearly indicate the full name of the cosmetic manufacturer, production license, hygiene license, sanitary makeup standard, executive standard, and QS; imported products do not contain Chinese instructions.


5. Product name and specification issues

Cosmetic names, specifications, and internal and external packaging of products are prone to inconsistencies, so you must be careful when packaging on the production line.


6. Packaging and printing issues

Check whether the printed text and patterns of the packaging materials are blurred or unclear; whether the printed text and patterns are consistent with the design draft; whether the product name and specifications are clearly indicated.

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