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Points to note when buying cosmetic packaging materials(2)

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(1) Check the tightness.

Use an ultrasonic sealing tester or vacuum to observe the tightness of the heat-sealed edge of the flexible packaging bag.


(2) Check the heat seal strength.

When testing the heat-sealing strength, samples of the same width should be cut from the heat-sealed position of the flexible packaging bag in the vertical direction, and then the two ends of the strip-shaped sample should be fixed on the tension device, and then sent to the fixture for stretching, and the failure heat should be calculated. The maximum force value of the sealing part.

It should be noted that in addition to the tensile strength of the blank packaging material, the influence of the contents on the heat-sealed part must also be considered.

(3) Check the compressive strength.

The compressive strength of the flexible package can be tested using a press. Place the sample with the contents on the sample table, slowly press it to the required pressure, and hold it for 15 seconds. If there is no edge seal cracking, it is qualified. As for the amount of pressure to be applied, it depends on the situation. Different terminal enterprises and different products may have different requirements.

6. Is the package tearing smoothly?

Most of the packaging bags of facial masks have wedge-shaped easy-to-tear openings. When consumers open the product, they must ensure that the opening process is smooth.

It should be noted that when conducting a tear test, the clamping force provided to the material must be large enough so that the material will not "slip" during the test. However, when consumers actually open the flexible packaging bag, if the force fit is not good, the "slip" phenomenon will occur when the grip is not strong enough, which may cause difficulty in opening.

Therefore, in packaging design, packaging designers must comprehensively consider these properties of flexible packaging materials to find the best solution.


7. Does the proportion of defective products exceed the standard?

Cosmetic packaging materials, especially outsourcing materials, are often produced manually, such as cartons, handbags, etc., due to the low degree of automation, inevitably defective or defective products will appear.

Some machine-produced glass bottles, hoses, etc., may also have problems of one kind or another in terms of color difference, missing print, and shape. Therefore, these problems must be considered when purchasing. If the ratio of qualified products to defective products does not exceed the basic standard during the package material inspection, then the packaging material purchase is successful, but when ordering packaging materials, the quantity should be increased appropriately to ensure enough and there is room for selection.

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