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Points to note when buying cosmetic packaging materials(1)

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1. Is the material "compatible"?

According to the 2015 Edition of Cosmetic Safety Technical Specifications, packaging materials that directly contact cosmetics should be safe, and must not chemically react with cosmetics, and must not migrate or release toxic and harmful substances that are harmful to the human body. For example, heavy metals in metal packaging, plasticizers in plastic packaging bags, and bisphenol A and its derivatives, which dissolve into cosmetics that come into direct contact with it, threaten the quality of cosmetics and the human body. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct compatibility tests on the packaging to avoid unnecessary losses.



2. Does the printing quality pass?

Cosmetic packaging requires fine printing and good visual aesthetics, so its printing quality inspection is particularly important.

At present, the routine items of cosmetic packaging and printing quality inspection mainly include the abrasion resistance of the printing ink layer (anti-scratch performance), ink adhesion fastness and color discrimination inspection. During the inspection process, the packaging product does not appear ink drop or deinking. Qualified product.

3. Is the design reasonable?

For companies, when considering costs, they should also consider market expectations, and control the design of packaging materials, from container shape to label copy, from style positioning to transportation risks, from insourcing to outsourcing, and so on.

Especially for the market characteristics and potential of the product, the basic situation of the consumer group, such as: the age of the consumer group, economic income, cultural quality, etc. If a good product does not have a suitable appearance, it will ultimately damage the overall image of the product.

4. Is the capacity standard?

There are many types of skin care packaging materials and the process is more complicated. Sometimes it is inevitable that there is a gap between the container capacity and the design standard. Therefore, before the production of the container, the characteristics of the material should be fully considered and targeted control. Whether the special specifications are complete, whether the appearance is beautiful, whether the vision is comfortable, etc.


5.Is the packaging temperature resistant?

Some cosmetic inner packaging is made of composite film, which uses adhesives to bond films of different materials together. Different materials have different shrinkage rates. Therefore, when the temperature changes (whether it is high or low temperature), the composite Film bags will appear delamination and surface wrinkles. Therefore, the flexible packaging must be tested for temperature resistance.


6. Is the heat-sealing edge quality resistant?

Heat sealing strength is one of the important indicators to measure the quality of packaging. Flexible packaging requires a certain degree of strength and tightness in the seal, and can withstand the pressure of a certain weight of filler to ensure that the packaging does not crack and leak during transportation.

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