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New trends in cosmetic packaging design

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Simplicity, freshness, elegance and individuality are the new trends in modern cosmetic packaging design. The right packaging not only attracts the attention of consumers, but also reflects the brand's taste to the fullest.

Today's cosmetic packaging pursues visual freshness and elegance and lyrical poetry-like taste through soft and upright shapes, warm and romantic colors, neat and dashing fonts and finely crafted materials.


The packaging of cosmetics is varied and rich in personality. In addition to meeting the basic functions of the packaging, the designers try their best to personalize the brand symbols, words, graphics, colors, shapes and other elements according to the law of beauty, which eventually elevates the cosmetic packaging design to a high level.

When carrying out packaging design, the following six aspects need to be noted.

1. cosmetic packaging should be the embodiment of commonality and individuality, and designers should consider the harmony and unity of the function and overall aesthetics of the packaging when designing.

2. Personalized graphics are used as a unique symbolic language in cosmetic packaging design because of their distinctive characteristics. When creating cosmetics packaging graphics, it is important to fully grasp the positioning of the product so that it is consistent with the color, text and shape of the packaging.

3. Biomimicry, which takes things in nature as objects of imitation, is a common design technique. Biomimicry is both friendly and vivid, achieving a complete unity of practicality and individuality.

4. The text on cosmetic packaging mainly includes the brand name, product name, descriptive text and so on. Designers in the brand text design, you can consider the form and combination of the brand text.

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5. The size, font and arrangement of the text on cosmetic packaging, as well as graphics and color echoes, is an important factor in achieving a coordinated text style, the overall visual effect of the layout and the subject content. The text should not only be processed in color and part of the strokes, but also to highlight the personalized design of the text.

6. In the face of global environmental degradation, cosmetics, one of the fashion icons, have followed the development of environmental trends and started to use recyclable or biodegradable materials in packaging design.


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