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Knowledge of packaging hoses

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As the market continues to improve product packaging requirements, strengthened composite aluminum-plastic tubes will be a better packaging choice. This kind of reinforced aluminum-plastic pipe adopts a composite sheet with a layer of aluminum foil in the middle and PE plastic on both sides. 

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The sheet is first welded into a tube, and then completely melted PE material is laid on the surface, and then it is cooled and shaped, and in the middle of the plastic This layer of aluminum sheet forms a strong barrier layer of the tube, which prevents the exchange of the contents of the tube with the material outside the tube. Therefore, this kind of tube can prevent the contents from spreading out, and effectively prevent the intrusion of external light, water vapor, oxygen or other chemical components and has anti-corrosion ability, thereby ensuring that the product is not affected by the external environment and extending its shelf life. The advantages are as follows:


1. The material is strong and tough, reasonable in structure, thicker and more solid, and greatly improves the resistance to compression, tension, cold and heat.

2. Strong integrity, the sheet material is welded into a tube and then a whole layer of plastic layer is laid on the outside, the surface is flat, no seams are visible.

3. The tube has a rich and substantial texture. Because the metal aluminum sheet is used as the inner layer, the outer plastic can be adjusted by adding various color masterbatches, such as pearlescent, magical, transparent, semi-transparent, solid color, etc., which can make the product retain the natural metal look and feel , Can also create a variety of colorful, bright and eye-catching red gold, purple gold, blue gold, green gold and other metallic colors. The technology does not use metallic colors but uses other colors. The bright silver at the bottom layer can better set off the colors of the outer layer, making it fresher, more lively and vivid.


airless bottle

4. Product shape recovery performance is strong, due to the thick plastic outer layer of the product, it has good elasticity, and it will return to its original shape after extrusion, without deformation, wrinkle, and always maintain a full and round appearance.

5. Since the welding seam of the sheet is hidden on the inner surface of the outer plastic layer, the surface of the tube is smooth and suitable for overall printing.

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