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How to sterilize acrylic dispensing bottles

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The wonderful use of dispensing bottles, I do not think I need to say more, like the water bottle with alcohol can be used to disinfect wounds, with disinfectant water spray bottle can be disinfected at home dead corners, and with makeup remover dispensing bottle, you can travel to the people will be easily stored in the backpack ...... In short, the volume of "mini" dispensing bottles. In the daily storage, storage work, to people to create a convenient life provides a small help.

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However, I observed that many people in the use of dispensing bottles before, usually only use water to casually rinse the dispensing bottles, will not think of using warm water to seriously clean once. So in the spirit of responsible for everyone's health, Yimege home daily backstage editor on this, to introduce you to the cleaning method of the dispensing bottle, so that you can store preserves, alcohol, capsules in the future more health and safety.

Dispense bottle disinfection method one: warm boiling water rinse method

First of all, you need to prepare some warm water, remember that the water can not be too hot, because most of the dispensing bottles are plastic products, the use of hot water with too high a temperature, there will be the potential for heat deformation of the dispensing bottles exist. Second, we use warm water in the process of disinfection of the bottles, you need to repeatedly rinse the bottles with warm water, the total number of times about 10-15 times, and then use a hair dryer to dry it with cold air, a more clean and hygienic bottles are born.

Disinfection method of dispensing bottles two: vinegar disinfection method

As we all know, vinegar is a weak acid, which has a certain sterilization effect, so this method can be used to disinfect the dispensing bottles. However, it is worth noting that after disinfecting the bottles with acetic acid, you need to wash them with water, and after about 10 times, the cleaning of the bottles will be completed.

Disinfection method for dispensing bottles three: Alcohol disinfection method

First, you need to rinse the bottles with water, and then use alcohol to disinfect the work, and finally put the bottles disinfected with alcohol in a ventilated place to dry, so that the whole disinfection work is finished.

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The above is all the cleaning method introduced by me, I hope it can help you to clean the dispensing bottle. In addition, I would like to remind you that in the daily use of dispensing bottles, in addition to its disinfection, you also need to grasp the amount of items to be dispensed, and then choose the right bottle dispensing, to avoid dispensing bottles due to the volume is too small to match your needs, storage of the required body wash, makeup remover, etc.

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