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How to prevent the new coronavirus at home?

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This is probably the quietest but not peaceful Spring Festival we have in recent years. Because of this sudden outbreak, our lively streets, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places where people gather in previous years have become places with infectious risks. After more than a month of prevention and control measures, the number of new cases in various cities has declined, but now most cities have begun to resume work, and people have to travel between the outside world and their homes. Even people who are not at work have to purchase supplies. Go out. 

Therefore, how to do a good job in personal epidemic prevention is no longer a matter for one person, but for the health of oneself and family members.


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So how do we do daily cleaning and disinfection? Kangkang Ayuan collected this knowledge for you and shared it with you, hoping to help you.

1. Frequent ventilation

According to the specific weather and temperature conditions every day, it is recommended to ventilate 2 to 3 times a day, each time not less than half an hour. When ventilating, everyone should pay attention to protection and warmth.

2. Wash hands frequently

If you go out, you can use a 75-degree alcohol spray to disinfect your clothes when you enter the door. You can also use a spray bottle of alcohol solution for easy carrying and disinfection at any time. Wash your hands with running water as soon as you get home. Wash your hands immediately after contaminated items, and disinfect them with disinfectant in time.

3. Change clothes frequently

Usually, clothes at home should be changed and washed frequently. If you have to go out, wear a mask. After going out, change your clothes and use boiling water for disinfection, or use 84 disinfectant for soaking and disinfection (use according to product instructions).


4. Household cleaning and disinfection

Doorknobs, desktops and other items frequently touched by hands should be cleaned every day as much as possible. If there are guests in your home, you must wipe the items with a disinfectant such as alcohol or 84 disinfectant for disinfection (use in accordance with the product instructions).

5. Disinfection of tableware

Clean and disinfect the tableware, tea sets, cups, etc. that need to be disinfected in a special pot for more than 15 minutes after using them every day.

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6. Timely treatment of oral and nose secretions

If family members cough or sneeze, cover their mouth and nose with tissues. The used tissues and other garbage should be placed in a separate trash bag and disposed of in time. Family members should avoid contact with these sticky secretions Paper towels and other garbage.

7. Precautions for disinfection

To prevent pneumonia caused by the new type of coronavirus, proper disinfection should be carried out. It is necessary to avoid excessive disinfection to prevent chemical pollution.

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