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How to distinguish common signs on cosmetic packaging?

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The pattern of the triangle loop can basically be guessed as being recyclable. But what do those little boxes with numbers and inexplicable love patterns mean? Most cosmetics packages are printed with small boxes with numbers, various arrow cycle signs, and some have book signs. The daily necessities brought back from India have whale patterns, while the Thai ones are shrunken rabbits. This article introduces you.

This logo is the most common, found on almost every cosmetic product, except for sheet masks. The number above indicates how long the cosmetics will be used after opening, otherwise it is best to discard them. 12M means 12 months, and 6M is of course 6 months.



Animal signs, as I said above, rabbits or whales, often mean that no animals have been killed (no animal experiments or tests). In fact, "leaping bunny" (leaping bunny) is the animal experiment-free symbol under the international standard. It is managed and implemented by The Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics (CCIC) and has a dedicated website. This logo is not common, especially for big-name cosmetics.

In fact, the "Green Dot Logo" is the world's first environmental label for green packaging, which came out in 1975. The two-color arrow with a green dot indicates that the product or packaging is green and can be recycled and meets the requirements of ecological balance and environmental protection.

The triangular circular logo is formulated by relevant organizations in the US plastics industry. In other words, only plastic packaging will have this mark. But it does not rule out that the two signs appear on a product package at the same time. Triangles are often accompanied by numbers. Numbers 1-7 represent different types of plastics: people can simply join the ranks of recycling without having to bother to learn the similarities and differences of various plastic materials.

The love symbol with a V in the center indicates that in addition to animal testing, the product does not include animal ingredients or by-products. For example, if the product formula contains ingredients such as beeswax, this logo cannot be used. For vegetarians, this standard is definitely not allowed to be abused.


Pointing at the sign of an open book with your finger indicates that the packaging space of the product itself is too narrow. For detailed information, you can find it in the attached manual. I only saw this logo on a French cosmetic product, and indeed it has a small stack of instructions.

The lowercase e sign is also more common and appears after the number of milliliters to indicate the net content.

ECOCERT refers to the certification of organic products. The product formula does not contain genetically modified substances, synthetic fragrances, animal ingredients, SiS, ethylene glycol, etc. Specifically, it is divided into two types: one is organic cosmetics. It is stipulated that more than 90% of the plants in the formula are organic plants, and more than 10% must come from organic certified farms; the other is natural cosmetics, and more than 50% are organic plants , More than 5% come from certified organic farms.

Since 2002, the US label USDAOrganic has replaced dozens of local organic labels. It means that there is no genetic engineering in the product manufacturing process, no ionizing radiation and no synthetics in the production and processing of agricultural products. Only 100% organic products are allowed to post the USDAOrganic logo, which is one of the most stringent certification standards.


Why does the safety of cosmetic packaging materials have such a significant impact on the safety of cosmetics? Because once the packaging materials themselves contain excessive amounts of toxic and harmful substances, they may be slowly released into the cosmetics that are in direct contact with them, making the quality of cosmetics Changes in the bad direction will cause great harm to the human body. 

This hazard is similar to the impact of food on the human body-it will be absorbed by the human body and cause severe consequences. Therefore, the development of the detection of harmful substances in cosmetic packaging materials will be unavoidable, and in the study of the migration of substances in packaging, the national food packaging materials related standards are a very good reference.


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