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How to design the package of cosmetic

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1. The packaging design of cosmetics must first highlight the brand of the product

Today's consumers admire famous brands, so highlighting brands is a very important strategic means for an enterprise. It plays a vital role in product sales.


For cosmetic packaging that highlights the brand, the brand name is generally prominent on the packaging screen. In the design, a product logo image or brand word is generally the center, pursuing simplicity and logo words. It can be divided into methods such as focusing on the standard color of the brand, focusing on the brand logo graphics, and focusing on the logo font. In short, to highlight the brand, it must be conveyed to consumers in a unified image on the packaging, so that consumers can naturally accept and recognize the brand without knowing it.


2. Emphasize the characteristics of the product

When designing cosmetic packaging, various information about the contents of the packaging is important. It is necessary to present the most fascinating and competitive advantages of the product to consumers, so that consumers can quickly understand and fall in love with this product at first sight. For example, by means of colors, shapes, abstract graphics, packaging materials, text, etc., to reflect the unique characteristics of the positioning of goods. Let consumers directly feel the uniqueness of this product through the packaging.

3. Design different series of packaging for different consumers.

This type of design focuses on specific consumer objects. It generally has a very clear consumer object. According to these consumers' age, education, occupation, psychological needs, aesthetic needs, etc., design cosmetic packaging that meets their tastes. Through such a specific packaging design, consumers can feel that this product is tailor-made for me, increase consumers' stickiness to the product, and become a loyal fan of the product.



For example, most cosmetic packaging designs for men use rigid straight lines, simple and rugged fonts, and steady colors, showing a square masculinity. Such packaging design is bound to be loved by men who love sports, bold and cheerful personality, and masculine. Using some round and lively lines to outline the innocent and lovely image, with bright, jumping colors and flexible modeling structure, shape the packaging of fairy-tale stories to attract the eyes of children and parents.


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