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How to control the color of cosmetic glass bottles

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As we all know, in addition to good sealing performance, stable chemical properties, diverse shapes and beautiful colors, cosmetic glass bottles can be used as packaging for various high-end cosmetics. It can be seen that the color of cosmetic glass bottles is very important and is related to the quality of cosmetic glass bottles. So, in that case, how do we control the color of cosmetic glass bottles?


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In general, the coloring of cosmetic glass bottles is also called "sulfur carbon" coloring, but the carbon in it only plays a reducing role and does not participate in the coloring. It is the sulfur that really determines the color. In the glass melt, sulfur coexists in the form of sulfide S2- and the iron in the glass raw material itself in the form of Fe3+. The product of Fe3+ ions and S2- ions is used as a measure of the color center concentration, which determines the glass The intensity of the coloring.


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For cosmetic glass bottles, the quality is not only determined by the internal quality of the product, but also by external observation, so the coloring process is very critical. In order to be able to control the color of cosmetic glass bottles, we have to consider from multiple sides, because it is restricted by a variety of conditions, from raw material quality, raw material ratio to melting, each link will have a certain effect on the color formation. Impact. Therefore, in order to control its color stability, it is necessary to control various aspects reasonably and strictly control multiple links in the production of cosmetic glass bottles.

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