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How to clean airless bottles efficiently

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Airless bottles are the most widely used in the field of cosmetics, but people who often come into contact with cosmetics find that airless bottles are difficult to clean. If they are not cleaned, some of the cosmetics remaining in the bottle will easily breed bacteria over time and can no longer be used. Let us list a few cleaning methods.


airless bottle

First, rinse the rice

First put about a quarter of the water in the bottle, then put a dozen grains of rice, cover the bottle with the widow and shake it vigorously for two or three minutes. You can also put the bottle upside down and shake it up and down, so that the bottle will rinse more fully . Finally, pour out the water in the bottle and wash it with clean water several times. This method is the simplest and most convenient. If there is too much residue in the bottle, repeat it several times.

Second, broken egg shells

The egg shells left over from eating eggs can also be used. Crushed the egg shells and put them in a bottle and then add boiling water. It must be boiling water. Just boil the water several times. This method is also effective.


Third, clean with vinegar

Vinegar also has a good cleaning effect, and it is the same for airless bottles. Add an appropriate amount of vinegar to the bottle and shake it. After a few times, rinse it off with water. It should be noted here that too much vinegar is used, and the smell of vinegar remaining in the bottle will be stronger.

airless bottle

The above three methods of cleaning airless bottles are relatively easy to operate, and are also very practical in daily life. I hope it can help everyone.

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