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How to choose safer cosmetic plastic packaging(2)

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2. Lack of plastic packaging safety standards

1. For global common issues

The safety of cosmetics is a worldwide concern. Different countries and regions have different laws and regulations to ensure the safety of cosmetics and their packaging.


The US "Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetics Act" stipulates that if a cosmetic container contains some or all of any toxic or harmful substance, and the toxic or harmful substance may contaminate the cosmetic in the container, the cosmetic is an adulterated cosmetic; if If the manufacturing, molding or filling method of the cosmetic container is misleading, the cosmetic is a counterfeit cosmetic. 

At the same time, the regulations require that the safety of the finished product and each of its ingredients be fully proven before cosmetics go on the market. If the safety is not fully proven, it is necessary to indicate that the safety of the product has not been determined. The US Cosmetic Ingredient Review Panel will review the safety of cosmetic ingredients, and the FDA will refer to its results to regulate and restrict cosmetic ingredients. In addition, in the United States, liquid oral hygiene products or personal care products with cosmetic effects must use tamper-proof packaging.

The EU’s "Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009" stipulates that cosmetics should be safe for human health under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use, and has published a list of prohibited and restricted substances and permitted colorants, preservatives and sunscreens. The regulation states that if a small amount of banned substances are produced in cosmetics due to natural or synthetic raw material impurities, manufacturing process, storage, and packaging migration, and these substances are unavoidable under GMP technical conditions, the cosmetics shall meet the prerequisite of human safety Can be sold under. 

In addition, the EU also requires cosmetics to complete a safety assessment report before they are put on the market. The European Union has more considerations on the safety of cosmetics, but it does not stipulate the testing methods and relevant limits of packaging materials, and there is no clear standard for the safety evaluation of cosmetics packaging.


ISO 22715-2006 "Cosmetics-Packaging and Labeling" of the International Organization for Standardization points out that cosmetic packaging cannot be destroyed, deteriorated, or adversely affect the product during storage, transportation and handling. ISO 22716:2007 "Good Manufacturing Practice for Cosmetics" requires that packaging materials should be evaluated and inspected to ensure that they meet quality requirements, and corresponding management standards should be established for the procurement, inspection, storage, distribution and use of packaging materials to ensure traceability and storage time. Longer materials have to be re-evaluated.

Internationally, there are certain considerations about the safety of cosmetic packaging, but there is no clear proposal on how to evaluate the safety of cosmetic packaging. It can be seen that the lack of safety standards for cosmetic packaging is a global problem that requires joint efforts by all countries to solve it.

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