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How to choose safer cosmetic plastic packaging(1)

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Cosmetic packaging is a container and material used to protect cosmetics, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the process of production, transportation and sales; primary cosmetic packaging is containers and materials that directly contact cosmetics.


Plastics are currently widely used cosmetic packaging materials. Prolonged contact between cosmetics and plastics may cause monomers, additives, volatiles, and harmful substances in the plastics to migrate into the cosmetics, posing a threat to human health; some ingredients in the cosmetics may chemically react with the plastics, resulting in plastics The performance of the packaging deteriorates, which reduces the stability and quality of the cosmetics. Therefore, when using plastic products as cosmetic packaging materials, attention should be paid to their safety.


1. Plastic packaging safety standards to be clarified

For cosmetic packaging, relevant Chinese laws, regulations and standards put forward some requirements. Article 30 of the "Regulations on Supervision and Administration of Cosmetics", which will be implemented on January 1 next year, stipulates that cosmetic raw materials and packaging materials that directly contact cosmetics should comply with mandatory national standards and technical specifications; "Cosmetics Safety Technical Specifications" (2015 edition) ) 

Requires that packaging materials in direct contact with cosmetics should be safe, and must not chemically react with cosmetics, migrate or release toxic and harmful substances that are harmful to the human body; "cosmetics hygiene standards" require that cosmetics packaging materials should be clean and non-toxic; "QB/ T 1685-2006 Cosmetic Product Packaging Appearance Requirements" stipulates that cosmetic packaging materials should be safe and must not cause harm to the human body.

China has clear regulations on the safety and inspection and testing standards of cosmetics, and the safety inspection and testing of cosmetic raw materials and final products can be carried out in accordance with them. However, for cosmetic packaging materials and safety issues in the production process, there is currently no timely and effective inspection and testing method. Inspection and testing can only be carried out after the product is produced, and the results cannot be fed back in real time.


At present, China's inspection and testing of cosmetic packaging mainly focus on appearance and physical properties (such as mechanical properties, drop resistance, airtightness, gas barrier properties, etc.). There is a lack of inspection and testing standards for chemical safety; China’s current relevant standards and regulations There is no unified evaluation index or inspection and testing standard for the safety of cosmetic packaging materials, leading to the fact that most cosmetic companies do not carry out the safety inspection and testing of plastic packaging for cosmetics, or carry out inspection and testing with reference to plastic packaging standards for food.

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