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Do you know the design trend of cosmetic packaging in the future?(2)

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3. Pay attention to the improvement of taste

In addition to the value of cosmetics, people pay more and more attention to the high-grade cosmetic packaging design. A good design work can reflect the humanistic spirit and cultural outlook of a country and a nation, as well as its economic level, scientific and technological level, and the quality of Chinese people.


4. The concept of caring and humanized design embodying human nature

It is the goal that the human design world has always pursued. The humanized design will bring endless aftertaste, unparalleled visual experience, and a warm and warm feeling.

Humanized design is also reflected in the deep care for man and nature, that is, the environmental awareness that is always reflected in product design, which is also the view advocated by the current market and trends. Cosmetic packaging design should extend the most fashionable beauty to the eternal topic of environmental protection. This is people's beautiful yearning for returning to nature and protecting nature. It will definitely become the mainstream of the global cosmetics design community.

5. Plastic bottles will become the main trend of cosmetic packaging in the future

The cosmetics packaging market has always been dominated by glass, but the diversity and durability of plastics have made plastics a more commonly used packaging material, and market demand is increasing. The main reason why plastic is favored is that, for a series of bath products, plastic has advantages over glass, and the versatility of plastic products can support the increasing diversity of end-user products. Plastic bottles have small specific gravity, are easy to color, and have strong plasticity. They can be made into various shapes of bottles and are low in price. They are suitable for mass production.

It can be decorated with metal steam dyeing method and thermal printing method to meet the needs of different grades of packaging. Although glass bottles are also very important packaging materials, the use of plastics will be more widespread in the future. In addition, with the development of polymer science, some new materials with better materials and more environmentally friendly will gradually emerge.


The packaging design of cosmetics is not only reflected in the selection of materials, color matching, and aesthetic and individual design, but also in the reflection of the brand connotation and the consistent adherence to the sustainable development strategy. Objectively speaking, companies need to invest in low-cost production of products, consumers need easy-to-use and good-looking products, and the ecological environment needs a green environment. 

This requires cosmetic companies to change their thinking in the early stage of product development, weigh the pros and cons, and produce environmentally friendly products without losing design Aesthetic skin care products for consumers to choose.

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