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Do you know the design trend of cosmetic packaging in the future?(1)

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With the rapid development of the national economy, beauty cosmetics are no longer unattainable luxury items. Cosmetics, a fashionable consumer product, have gradually become the mainstream products in people's lives. More and more people have begun to pursue fashion and beauty, which has led to the continuous expansion of the cosmetics market. There are more than 4,000 manufacturers in the cosmetics industry in my country, with more than 2.1 million registered single products, and an endless stream of new products.



In 2017, the growth rate of total retail sales of cosmetics by enterprises above designated size was 8.3%, and the total sales of cosmetics was about 361.6 billion yuan, and the growth rate in 2018 was also maintained at about 10%. In addition, with the development of electronic information technology, online cosmetics sales are also increasing year by year. 

This has also quickly accelerated the cosmetic packaging industry from behind the scenes to the front, playing the leading role. With the continuous growth of the scale of China's cosmetics industry, the following development trends of China's cosmetics outsourcing materials can be analyzed:

1. Packaging design of publicity cosmetics focusing on individuality

On the basis of paying attention to protection, transportation, and convenience, it is necessary to demonstrate its artistic, cultural and unique characteristics, so as to maintain its infinite charm on this stage.

For cosmetics with strong characteristics of the times, the unique personality image is even more favored by consumers. In the era when "post-90s" and "post-00s" young trendy men and women have become the pioneers of beauty and fashion, shaping a highly personalized brand culture has become the key to the emergence of a new force in the competition. From behind the cosmetic packaging, the individual needs of young people are excavated. All-round expression in terms of brand tone, product packaging, and social communication is an important step that needs to be taken in cosmetics packaging.

2. Emphasize the integration of diversified current cosmetic packaging design

The pursuit of the multi-unification of traditional culture, modern culture, and world culture should absorb the essence of history and culture, infiltrate excellent traditional culture into modern art, and guide the public with elegant and excellent taste.


The stability of Chinese packaging design style, the complete meaning and the completeness and symmetry of form are also the psychological commonality of the entire Chinese nation. In addition, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence AI and other cutting-edge technologies, the cosmetics industry is also emerging a wave of intelligent beauty revolution. Intelligent beauty equipment and tools continue to emerge. The design of cosmetic outsourcing materials and the selection of materials must also follow the trend of the times and continue to introduce new ones.


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