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Do new dispensing bottles need to be washed?

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New bottles need to be washed, it is best to use high temperature sterilization, if not high temperature resistant bottles, you can use alcohol soak, and then wipe clean with a cotton swab or medical gauze, placed for a while and so the alcohol evaporated can be used.


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Although the bottle is newly bought, but it contains many bacteria, need to be cleaned before use. I believe that many people in the use of sub-bottles, the most are flushed with water, wipe the bottle with paper towels, and then start to put skin care products into the bottle, each time it will be filled to the brim, afraid of not enough outside, in fact, this practice is completely incorrect.

The new bottle is simply cleaned with water, and then sealed skin care products, it is easy to cause a large number of bacteria breeding breeding, these skin care products and our face contact, there are many bacteria will enter the face, easy to cause local infection, serious will also grow acne, the skin is extremely unfavorable, so try to use high temperature water hot, but do not use too hot water, because most of the bottles are plastic products, too hot water will scald the bottle.


Each time the skin care products should be loaded in accordance with the number of days out to calculate the amount of use, do not pour too much skin care products, if loaded with more than used will be very wasteful, remember to wash the bottle after each use, to facilitate the next use.

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How to clean a new dispensing bottle

Method one, high temperature. In fact, the cleaning method is very simple, with boiling hot water to cool, let it stay warm, and then the water rinse the dispensing bottle 10-15 times, and then blow dry it with a hair dryer on it, remember that the water is not too hot, if the temperature is too high may lead to deformation of the dispensing bottle, do not use this method of high temperature resistant dispensing bottle.


Method two, alcohol. Alcohol can be mixed with water, the dispensing bottle in which soaked, and then wipe the dispensing bottle clean with a cotton swab, and dry in a cool place, so that the alcohol is completely evaporated can be used, but the disadvantage of this method is not immediately after cleaning, must be put more than a while to ensure that the alcohol is completely free before use.

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