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Cosmetic packaging to personalize not luxury

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What consumers nowadays need is no longer "upstart" luxury packaging, but packaging that can reflect cultural meaning and values, with a strong personality color, and "low-key and connotative" cosmetic packaging has become the standard for customers to highlight their taste.

The national requirement for excessive packaging of cosmetics is that the gap of cosmetic packaging is less than 50%, and the number of packaging layers must be limited to less than 3 layers. In addition, there is another non-compulsory standard, that is, the sum of all packaging costs except the initial packaging should not exceed 12% of the merchandise sales price.


In fact, cosmetics, as products that bring beauty, must first be beautiful. In the context of the upgrading of consumption levels, consumers actually don’t mind the packaging of cosmetics being more exquisite. In the eyes of many post-85s and post-90s now, Whether cosmetic packaging conforms to its own aesthetics is as important as product efficacy. Moreover, young people’s current consumption channels are mainly online, and the assessment of the quality of cosmetic packaging after the express delivery has been opened often affects their judgment on whether the cosmetics are genuine.


We can also see that seemingly high-end cosmetics that are piled up with precious materials on cosmetics counters are gradually decreasing, and there are more and more "cute, cold, and fresh" products. 

Perceiving this trend, more and more brands cooperate with famous animation IPs or join hands with popular stars to launch joint products. For example, Kiehl's teamed up with Taiwan's popular band Soda Green to launch Kiehl's Amazon White Clay Cleansing Mask "Soda Green-" on the 10th anniversary of the band’s debut. The limited edition of "Liuyang" calls on young people to devote themselves to environmental protection and public welfare. 

It is this opportunity to show off their environmental protection attitude, and sodagreen fans naturally cannot miss it. AFU held hands with Doraemon to launch the "Any Door to the Rose Garden Gift Box". After you hit the combo box, whether you are a follower of Afu or a fan of Blue Fatty, you will want to take this gift box home. Right. When it comes to the combination with animated IP, I have to mention Mystery. After printing the Minions, Hello Kitty and Star Trek patterns, although the formula and efficacy are the same as the old products, the "fan effect" makes the same product penetrate The rate and popularity have been greatly improved.


Cosmetic brands are also consciously combining cosmetic packaging with inner materials, rather than just attracting attention through packaging. In September, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the birth of "The Simpsons", MAC Magic "The Simpsons" theme limited make-up series was launched in the United States , The series of makeup includes Springfield residents nail stickers, Simpson classic skin tone lip gloss, Patty and Sema four-color eye shadow, Simpson series false eyelashes and Maggie head peach powder.


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