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Color matching process of cosmetic packaging materials

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Cosmetic packaging materials, the main manufacturing processes of general inner packaging materials can be divided into three parts: molding process, surface and graphic processing process, and assembly process. Among them, the commonly used processes for plastic molding include ordinary injection molding, two-color injection molding, injection stretch blowing, injection blowing, and suction molding. In this article, we briefly describe the color matching process in the injection molding auxiliary process, that is, directly color the product through injection molding color matching.

Plastic color matching is based on the three basic colors of red, yellow and blue, to match the color that is pleasing, meets the color difference requirements of the color card, is economical and does not change color during processing and use. In addition, it can also endow plastics with multiple functions, such as improving plastic light resistance and weather resistance; endow plastics with some special functions, such as electrical conductivity and antistatic properties; in the plastic molding process, most of the raw materials need to be added with colorants to make them have Specific colors or specific optical properties are called coloring plastics, that is, color matching.



Coloring process

The coloring process only has a great relationship with the selected color materials, and has a close relationship with the properties of the plastic, molding parameters, and additives used. If you can add pearl powder, you can also add cornstarch to make the transparent color of PET into an opaque color (add some toner for color mixing) The generation of water ripples is related to the amount of pearl powder added.

Color matching process:

1. When mixing ingredients, the relevant tools must be wiped clean and stored in the specified place;

2. As a color matching staff, you must store all toners in a designated place, and understand the storage locations of various toners, and arrange them neatly, so as not to affect the color mixing effect;

3. When the toner needs to be weighed during color mixing, the weighing data must be strictly controlled, and a simple record shall be made after each weighing;

4. The electronic scale must be cleaned up after use, and no relics should be left, so as not to affect the surrounding environment of the electronic scale;

5. When dealing with abnormal chromatic aberration, you must calmly face the problem. After handling the problem, you must carefully fill in the abnormal model, material number, name and proportion of the complementary toner in the handover notebook to avoid improper handover affecting production;


6. When the toner is mixed, the toner must be evenly mixed before use;

7. Before ingredients, you must understand the use condition and cleanliness of the mixer, and carefully check the relevant ingredients steps;

8. Understand the demand for ingredients, and deal with urgently needed drying materials in advance;

9. When matching toner materials, you must first put the standard dispersing oil into the raw materials and mix them evenly (the standard amount of dispersing oil is 25KG/30G), and then pour the toner along the mixer for a week;

10. Each material must be mixed according to the specified time, 100KG/8 minutes per barrel;


In the application of cosmetic packaging materials, plastic color matching is one of the main coloring processes. Because of its low cost and convenient coloring method, it is popular among market users. In packaging products, various bottle caps, pump heads, bottles, lipstick tubes and other processes have applications.

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