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Can you put perfume in the airless bottle

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Speaking of this perfume, many women like to use it very much. This perfume has such a magical power. Let’s see if perfume can be put in a plastic bottle? How to distribute perfume? Will the perfume expire:


airless bottle

Can perfume be put in a airless plastic bottle?

It is best not to keep perfume in plastic bottles, because perfume is mainly composed of essence, alcohol and water. Essence is the core part of it. It is volatile. If it is not volatile, it will not smell. Your bottle will not volatile if it has a lid. But perfume contains alcohol. Most plastic bottles are made of general polyethylene plastic and environmentally friendly PET. Packed in polyethylene plastic bottles. Over time, polyethylene can dissolve in a large amount in alcohol, which will affect the fragrance of perfume and cause skin allergies. PET is a new type of polymer polyester material, but after too long storage, alcohol It will gradually volatilize and react with plastic, and perfume will deteriorate.


How to distribute perfume:

1. First prepare a small perfume bottle.

2. Buy another medical syringe (for safety and health), and you can pack it in the next step.

3. Insert the needle along the gap at the nozzle of the perfume bottle when dispensing. Not every time you can go in, you must be patient and repeated search, I believe you will always find it, the more noble, the more difficult it is.

airless bottle

Remember: You should not be quick-tempered and move slowly, because the perfume bottle is vacuumed and it is not very convenient to pull it out. You must repeatedly extract it without taking out the needle until the required amount is satisfied, and then pull out the needle. Just pour the perfume extracted from the needle into the vial.

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