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Can the toner be poured into a spray bottle?

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The toner can be poured into a spray bottle and used without any effect on the toner itself.

The function of the toner is to clean it again to restore the acid-base value of the skin surface, and to regulate the stratum corneum, so that the skin can absorb better, and prepare for the use of skin care products. After washing the face, use the toner to quickly add moisture.


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Often bring a toner spray out, and spray it when you enter the air-conditioned environment. It can immediately provide moisture to the skin. It can also be used before and after makeup to make the makeup more compliant and reduce the phenomenon of floating makeup in the afternoon. The moisturizing effect is better than spraying mineral water.

Extended information

Toner function:

1. Deep cleansing. The tap water we use for daily cleaning contains strong killing substances. Due to sterilization, a large amount of hypochlorite ions will be left in the water. These ions are highly oxidizing, and the self-repair of the skin is a reduction process, so The presence of these strong oxidizing substances on the face is a hidden danger. Therefore, you need to use toner to help deep cleansing and erasing residual ions.


2. Maintain the balance of PH. The skin is an acidic environment, and the surface sebum film helps to maintain it. Another important function of toner is to help adjust PH to an ideal acidic environment.

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3. Replenish water. The completion of the skin metabolism function requires a lot of water, and the body’s daily intake of water until it circulates to the face is pitiful, far from the required content, and the lack of water in the skin can cause many symptoms, such as dead skin bags, etc. , So need toner to replenish moisture.

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