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Can perfume be packed in plastic bottles?

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It is said that smelling the fragrance to know a woman, perfume is a woman's first dress.Today, the editor will introduce to you, can perfume be put in a plastic bottle?


Perfume cannot be put in plastic bottles, because perfume is mainly composed of essence, alcohol and water. The preservation of perfume can only be a glass bottle, because such a bottle can promote the volatilization of perfume and give full play to its value. If it is placed in a plastic bottle, the volatility will become very low, and the original fragrance will not be produced, and it will be difficult to play the role of the perfume itself.


The perfume in the plastic bottle will react with the plastic for a long time and produce a harmful substance. After using it, you may have skin allergies, so try not to put expensive perfume in such a bottle. We must learn how to save, perfume will not expire and deteriorate simply because of time. It is usually light and high heat that make them deteriorate. If your perfume is stored in the right way and avoid direct sunlight, then the perfume will be like wine, the more it is stored, the more mellow it tastes, and the better it tastes.

Finally, let’s discuss our airless bottles, we often received many inquiries from customers,” can it be used for perfume? “Of course can’t, the airless bottles we manufacture are also made of plastic, such as AS material (acrylonitrile-styrene copolymer), PP material (polypropylene), and acrylic material. 

The airless bottles are good choice for Skincare Packaging such as facial cleanser, makeup base, liquid foundation,serum,toner, eye cream, facial cream.,etc. Could work well with your products as No finger contact with the product, so there is No possibility of microbial growth in the product. 

The advantages of using the airless pump bottles are endless! So if you happen to be troubled by what kind of packaging container is best for your skin care products? Please follow and contact us, we would provide you with the perfect solution according to your ideas and requirements.

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