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Analysis on the silk-screen technology of cosmetic bottles

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Analysis on the silk screen technology of cosmetic bottles:


1. The screen printing of glass bottles and plastic bottles requires a printing fee. If it is a new specification packaging bottle and the screen printing factory does not have the corresponding fixture, it will charge a fixture fee, but a certain amount of silk printing can be used to deduct this cost, such as business The amount of more than 20,000 can prevent this cost. The conditions of each manufacturer have different conditions. The fee for individual screen printing is 50-100 yuan/unit, and the fixture fee is 50 yuan/unit. The bronzing plate fee is 200 yuan/piece.


2. In the production of dominating silk-printed bottles, one should face up to avoid excessive handling or collisions to prevent the grinding silk screen from ending, and face up to the selection of a fair disinfection system during production.

3. Make a sample before batch silk-screening cosmetic bottles, confirm that the graphic silk-screening is finished, and then produce. The production adjustment cycle after confirmation is 4-5 days, depending on the difficulty and number of silk-screening.

4. Plastic bottles are divided into popular ink and UV ink screen printing. UV ink is more widely dominated. The characters and pictures are three-dimensional, more glossy, not easy to fade, and can be printed in multiple colors. The print volume is usually more than 1000.


5. If the frosted glass bottle has a wrong image, it can be reprinted after the grinding process.


6. Individuals, as the graphic label processing process of packaging products, have an important impact on the image of the product, so the request for craftsmanship is higher.

7. All screen printing factories have hot stamping, hot silver and other processing techniques. The screen printing has manual, mechanical screen printing, pad printing and sticker pad printing.

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