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Airless pump bottle advantages and design concept(1)

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Airless bottles have been on the rise in cosmetic packaging solutions. Suppliers, consumers are becoming more aware of the benefits of airless packaging, and there is a shift among credit brand marketers. This shift can be recognized by the shorter product life offered by airless bottles. This is due to the new non-pressurized airless chamber technology, which does not include a dip tube. In addition, due to the demand for preservative-free or limited preservative products, airless bottles are ideal for natural and organic serums and creams.


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"More and more brands are choosing airless bottles, so consumers are more aware of the convenience of airless dispensing... We may eventually move away from the traditional action of dipping our fingers into a jar of skin cream." -PKG


Below you will find an overview of how airless bottles work, a demonstration of our affordable and durable products, documentation on how to fill airless bottles, and education on the different types of airless bottles. We know the value of new and innovative airless packaging for cosmetics, and we think our customers should too!


How do airless pump bottles work?

Airless bottles are considered to be a true breakthrough in cosmetic packaging innovation. Airless bottles prevent air exposure, which helps protect and conceal the skin creams, serums and bases packed in each container. Airless bottle packaging has helped increase the shelf life of cosmetic packaging by more than 15%. The innovative technology used in these airless bottles includes a diaphragm, which is used to help evacuate the product and allow any waste to be used inside the bottle.


Advantages of using airless pump bottles compared to other cosmetic packaging containers include:


The double-walled airless bottle gives the customer the feeling of using a luxury product. However, the double wall has a useful function as a double protector for the product inside.

The clear plastic wall airless bottle is perfect for adding a brand logo to the outside. In addition, it allows product coloring to be viewable from the outside to the customer prior to purchase.

Airless bottles are also perfect for sensitive products such as natural skin creams, serums, bases, etc. In addition, due to the design and functionality of the airless bottle, it offers customers and their special product materials without a lot of waste.

The dosage is accurate for each pump. Due to the rise of the piston, the customer will get every drop of product. This prevents the customer from causing air contact and making it difficult to extract the remaining product.

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How to fill airless pump bottles

Our experts know exactly what to do and how to fill airless pump bottles. Read these step-by-step instructions to learn the proper way to fill an airless bottle and ensure the best care for your product.

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