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Acrylic materials used in cosmetic bottle packaging

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Acrylic materials are used more and more in cosmetic bottle packaging. For cosmetics and health products companies, in the choice of cosmetic bottle packaging, of course, the relevant part of the packaging has always been requested to be simple. However, with surly market competition and relatively high profits, companies tend to prefer high-end and high-end packaging when choosing packaging in the market. 

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From the perspective of the differentiation of purchasing information for cosmetic bottles and health care plastic bottles, requesting advanced packaging is the first choice of many buyers. However, glass bottles have many shortcomings, so some glass bottle manufacturers will wander about this.


Our sense that can achieve a balance between glass bottles and plastic bottles is acrylic bottles. The acrylic bottle looks like a frosted glass bottle with a different temperament. At the same time, acrylic bottles have all the benefits of plastic bottles, and the cost is lower than glass bottles. This is a very suitable bottle for cosmetics and health care products.


airless bottle

Many buyers always swing between glass and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles. Glass bottles are more high-end in packaging, but their costs are relatively high. Plastic bottles are relatively low in packaging costs. Many buyers have gotten their heads out of the sense of the benefits of balancing the two.

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